Last chance to see exhibit with Inez Milholland featured!

suffrage panorama

The show opened at the Adirondack History Museum and runs through October 9, 2017!

Adirondack Suffragists: 100 Years of Votes for Women

The Adirondack History Museum highlights the centennial of women’s suffrage in New York State with an exhibit focusing on national, state and regional dimensions of the women’s campaign. Though preceded by many western states in state-level action, New York was still a major national battleground in the fight for women’s rights in general and in the struggle for the passage of a national woman’s suffrage amendment in 1920. New York women such as Inez Milholland, from Essex County, led the national “Votes for Women” movement. The exhibit has been recognized by Governor Cuomo as a valuable destination on the NYS Path Through History and has been visited by Senator Gillibrand and NYS Senator Betty Little. The exhibit is sponsored in part by New York Council for the Humanities.

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