No excuses for not knowing about Inez Milholland!


There’s no excuse not to have heard of Inez Milholland —the U.S. suffrage martyr. She is our U.S. suffrage martyr, for heavens sake. The 15-minute film, “Foward into Light” by Martha Wheelock and Wild West Women has been distributed by the thousands across the nation and around the world. The National Women’s History Project sponsored a year’s observance in 2016, the 100th year after Inez Milholland’s death. Marguerite Kearns and Robert P.J. Cooney Jr. coordinated the campaign. Sure, a lot of people once upon a time never heard of Inez. But there’s no excuse now.


There is Inez on a horse in front of the 1913 suffrage parade in Washington,DC. Many have seen this photo, but they didn’t know it was our beloved Inez. You can fill in the blank spaces by following this blog. Any news that is fit to squeeze in, we print. Check out, the web site devoted to a terrific book of photos and primary documents about Inez. There’s even a centennial web site devoted to Inez:

Remember Inez. Honor Inez. Visit her grave in upstate New York —the town of Lewis. Sure, it’s far for some people. But once you’ve made the connection, you’ll be glad you did.

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