Mountain Officially Named for Inez Milholland in upstate New York


Mt. Discovery in upstate New York has been informally referred to as Mt. Inez since the 1900s in honor of Inez Milholland, the US suffrage martyr. Now it is official.  The mountain is now Mt. Inez. It is one of the summits in Essex County, NY and can be found on the Lewis USGS topographic quad map. Mt. Inez is within view of the former home of where the Milholland family lived in the Lewis, NY area. In 2019, road markers funded by the Pomeroy Foundation were installed to point to Inez Milholland’s grave and the family’s connection to the area. The U.S. Board on Geographic Names has made the mountain name change official. Mt. Inez is 1552 feet in elevation.

Honor Inez Milholland during March, Women’s History Month. Make sure that Inez is one of the many suffrage activists acknowledged during 2020.

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