“An Unfinished Revolution” book is in publishing pipeline

This book by Marguerite Kearns is gearing up for a launch by SUNY Press in June of 2021.

In preparation of the launch, there has been interest in reviews of this work that:

  1. highlights the importance of “patriotic protest” in the nation’s history, including those attending and supporting the Declaration of Sentiments passed at the Seneca Falls women’s conference in 1848

2. the story of how social justice affected generations in the author’s family

3. that the decentralized or patchwork nature of the early women’s rights movement became a limitation within the movement itself

4. that we’re building on the work today of prior generations, some of whom worked their entire lifetimes for women’s voting rights

5. that the entire early women’s movement was marginalized and close to invisible during most of the 20th century, with the national centennial celebration in 2020 bringing out into the open a broader public understanding of the high and low points of an extraordinary effort.

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