Hot Tea Month in January…Get ready for “An Unfinished Revolution” in June 2021!

Do something special during January and Hot Tea Month!
Google Books has an e-book for An Unfinished Revolution. Check out other venues too! Pre-order e-book at $19.22.

Happy New Year, 2021. January is Hot Tea Month to commemorate the many tea receptions held during the early women’s rights movement. At the turn of the century, most public spaces didn’t allow women to enter if they didn’t have an escort. Therefore, the few women-owned teahouses were often used for meetings. In addition, many public venues didn’t have women’s bathrooms. Women-owned teahouses could cater to women because they provided facilities for their patrons.

Women’s suffrage history is out in the open like never before. Marguerite Kearns is supporting the 2020 suffrage centennial carry over into 2021. Her book, An Unfinished Revolution” is one way of doing this!

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