Growing anticipation about “Suffragette” film opening!

Inez Milholland worked in the English suffrage movement and maintained close ties with the activists there. Growing anticipation about the release of the “Suffragette” film from the UK also brings attention to Milholland, America’s suffrage martyr. Emily Davison, the English suffrage martyr, is featured in the “Suffragette” film. Davison is better known for her sacrifice. And more people than ever are becoming aware of Inez Milholland, especially during the upcoming 2016 centennial observance. Visit the “Suffragette” official film web site for what’s coming soon. Visit for trends, news and views of upcoming events and celebrations. The “Suffragette” film is one of many developments to watch.

Honor suffrage martyr Inez Milholland by attending preview screening of “Suffragette: film

Suffragette filmHonor Inez Milholland, America’s suffrage martyr, by attending a series of preview screenings across the nation of the “Sufragette” film from the UK. Inez volunteered for the English movement and died in the course of her work for American women’s voting rights. This event is for October 1, 2015 in Geneva, NY.